Pisco Clasification (Types)

According to the technical standard requirements Pisco (see  technical standard here ) Types of pisco are Three:

1.-Pure Pisco (Puro), produced only from one of the 8 varieties of pisco grapes, No Aromatic: quebranta, mollar, negra criolla (black creole), uvina, Aromatic: italy, torontel, muscat, albilla

2.-Acholado (Blended), obtained from the mixture of:
-Aromatic pisco grapes and / or non-aromatic.
-Aromatic pisco grape musts  (juice grape) and / or non-aromatic.
-Fresh musts (juice grape) completely fermented (wine fresh) aromatic pisco grape and / or non-aromatic.
-The pisco of pisco grapes from aromatic and / or non-aromatic.

3.-Mosto Verde (Green Must Pisco), produced from the distillation of fresh musts (juice grape) with interrupted fermentation, in order to distill the must which still has traces of sweetness. (This must is "green". if the fermentation process had allowed to conclude, the distilled product would have been made of "madure" must).

Peruvian Technical Standard NTP 211.001.2006

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