"Pisco" Development and Equipment. Part III

According to the technical standard requirements Pisco (See technical standard here, in spanish)

6. Pisco Processing and Equipment Part III

6.1 Elaborate:

6.1.1 pisco grape varieties: pisco must be made exclusively using  grape varieties of Vitis vinifera L, called "Pisco Grapes" and grown in recognized production areas. These are: Quebranta Negra Criolla Mollar Italia Moscatel Albilla Torontel Uvina*

6.1.2 Non-aromatic grapes are grapes Quebranta, Black Creole, and Uvina Mollar, and aromatic grapes grapes Italy, Moscatel, Albilla and Torontel.

6.1.3 The equipment, machinery, containers and other materials used in the production of Pisco and the processing facility or area must meet the sanitary requirements set by the competent body to ensure product quality.

6.1.4 The fermentation process can be performed without maceration, maceration or partial or complete pisco grape marc, controlling the temperature and the degradation of the sugars in the juice grapes (must).

* Variety accepted to produce pisco, until a favorable opinion of the OIV (the same must be obtained within a period not exceeding 3 years), the cultivation and production is limited only in the districts of Lunahuana, Pacaran, and Zuniga, south of Lima. ( production area 001-91-ICTI/IND recognized DS.

6.1.5 The start of the distillation of fermented grape must be made immediately upon completion of fermentation with the exception of green grape pisco.

6.1.6 Pisco must have a rest minimum of three (3) months in glass, stainless steel or other material that does not alter its physical, chemical and organoleptic before packaging and marketing to promote alcoholic component development and improvement of final product properties.

6.1.7 The pisco must be free of stains, odors and tastes caused by pollutants or man that is not characteristic of the material used.

6.1.8 Pisco should not contain substances toxic metal impurities that cause harm to the consumer.

Only Pisco

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